Saturday, 16 May 2015

wild tales - six types of revenge

There's some circumstances that can make us all seethe, and there's a sort of therapy watching Damián Szifron’s 'Pedro Almodóvar presents Wild Tales'.

It's on release at the moment via Curzon, and contains several stories, which in Hollywood circumstances could each be a full 90 minutes. In this case we get shorts, each with different sets of unconnected characters.

They are revenge stories, set in a middle class Argentinian world of comfortable air travel, new cars, large family homes, extravagant weddings and gold-boxed cakes.

What starts in each case as a perfectly normal situation flips to one where the characters lose control and bad things happen. That's where the unrelated characters share some common ground. We see them spiral towards increasingly wild actions.

I can't really describe plot points or direct outcomes; it would create too many spoilers, although the result of watching the six pieces creates some enduring mental freeze frames.

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