Sunday, 24 May 2015

summer bicycle tyre selection

I've just had a couple of weeks with hardly any bike riding. I've mainly been around the fixie-land part of London, but, in honesty, taking the tube has been a better option for me.

This weekend I've been out a couple of times and clocked up about 50 miles, which I can feel in my legs this evening. I also know my earlier plans to sort out the summer bike have been somewhat waylaid. Sure, I managed to swap over a chain and tweak the gears on my mountain bike, but the carbon one is in need of clear attention at the moment.

The most obvious giveaway is that the tyres have become squeezable, which can't be a good sign.

Since last year, I've had two sets of wheels for the carbon bike. One set has a lightweight SRAM red cassette and thinner tyres (the ones that are currently flat). The other set have a hill-climbing cassette and my plan is to swap their tyres for something slightly wider.

It may all sound pernickety, but I think I'm doing enough miles to warrant this obsessive behaviour. I'm thinking I'll put new wider 25mm tyres on the hill-climbing wheelset and probably use it for the upcoming charity bike ride in a few weeks.

I'd better get a wiggle on, so that I've had a chance to test it before I need it.

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