Monday, 18 May 2015

rickshaws around the square can only mean one thing #RHSChelsea

Chelsea in Bloom
It's the flower show this week, so the roads around this part of London are overloaded.

Last week there was a gas main under repair just at the entrance to Sloane Square. The northbound buses were diverted and I was on one where the driver somehow got lost and drove around a huge unplanned chunk of London to get back to a bus-stop (off route) near to Victoria. I abandoned the bus at that point and sought another route to my destination.

This week it is different. The gas main appears to be fixed, but the traffic in both directions is extremely slow because of the flower seekers. I passed by at least a dozen buses stranded in the jammed traffic after I'd decided that walking was best.

We've got the astroturf on Sloane Square, along with some Chelsea in Bloom promotions and even an extension of the Botanist across into the middle of the Square.

It also means there's a temporary outbreak of rickshaws in the area, although they'll all disappear in a dream sequence as quickly as the flowers from the show.

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