Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mixtape sensational findings #edfringe @ukmixtape @FollowTheCow

In shock revelations today, it was discovered that not everyone knows what a "mixtape" actually is. The urban dictionary contains the usual blend of descriptions, including this one:

Revisionist descriptions also refer to the mixed music being placed onto a CD-R, somehow denying the existence of that 20th Century artefact, the C-90 cassette tape.

But don't panic, the Mixtapers are plotting hard to put things right.


At the Underbelly, Cowgate
6th - 30th Aug 2015, 10.20pm

Join the Mixtapers for their hilarious bitesized theatre inspired by music. Part comedy show and part music quiz.

The Mixtapers perform from themes including Number Ones, The 80s, Brit Pop, Girl Bands vs Boy Bands and Rock'n'Roll.

The rules? The sketches will only use remixed words from the song's lyrics and can be no longer than the tracks that inspired them!

Guess what songs inspired the short sketches to be in with the chance of winning the night's highly coveted Golden Mixtape.

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