Saturday, 2 May 2015

Battersea and Chelsea Bridge changes

There's a few famous pictures of Battersea Power Station, like the one with the pig on the Pink Floyd album cover. Most people take their picture from the side of Grosvenor Bridge.

My casual attempts are a result of my regular walks backwards and forwards across Chelsea Bridge.
PC110691 WithAdjustments.jpg
I took the top picture and the one just above in December 2013.

Look carefully and you can see the exploratory work on one of the chimneys before it was dismantled by the builders redeveloping the area. There's a special regulation that all four chimneys must be preserved and that one must be standing at all times during any restoration work.
So above, a full year later, in December 2014, the first chimney is removed, to be replaced before the other three can be simultaneously replaced. Notice the sign that says 'Spot the Difference?'
Now, five months later, the sign is hard to see because of the work that has been taking place. The first batch of new apartments have more or less blocked the lower view of the power station from Chelsea Bridge.

Slightly further east along the river, other new blocks are being prepared, although the new residents of both this area and the adjacent Embassy Gardens are likely to be rather international.


Pat said...

Changed since my first husband went to work at B.I.S.R.A. in the fifties I think.

rashbre said...

Pat - Battersea Park Road? That's the next bridge along...But yes, this whole area is changing so fast that even the artists' impressions are out of date.