Friday, 3 April 2015

today we visit Harambe

This time we're off to Harambe, in East Africa.

We'll be catching the train to the reserve and then hopping aboard a high-sided truck to bounce our way across the savannah, on the lookout for wild life.
The baboons around the station could be mischievous, and the train itself is something from the Victorian age. At least the truck looks as if it doesn't need anything very sophisticated to repair it.
Sure enough, there's the first giraffe, and close by are a few more. The rhinoceros decided to stand in the middle of the road until a few of his chums came along so that they could move away together to new spot of mud.
There's a couple more, preparing for one of those bookends poses.
And then, around the next corner, a lioness. She'd grabbed a great lookout spot on the rocks, but there's unlikely to be much movement until the sun drops further.
I think we'd better get back into a safer area before the sun gets much lower.

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