Thursday, 23 April 2015

the best way to explain it is to do it, said the Dodo

Time to do another one of those voting quizzes. This time I used Votematch. A different process for the questions in this one, although a similar outcome.

Here's the one I did a couple of weeks ago with It shows my preferences based upon the questions and my responses are closest to Green, followed by Labour.

Today I used, which gave a similar result, although the lower ranked order changes, with UKIP (who I would never vote for) coming out higher than the Conservatives.

Of course, other due diligence beyond the question responses is also required, although these systems are not that sophisticated. The whole process is also somewhat academic...

When I look on it becomes apparent that my vote has almost no power whatsoever. Here's the last few results from the area: The male icon means man, female icon means woman, blue means Conservative, red means Labour, yellow means Lib-Dem, etc.

Hmm. Not much change there, then. And here's how the prior votes have split.

The blue picture prevails. Maybe the European results would be different?

Maybe not. Or perhaps the local election results for councils?

Yikes. All the findings are the same.

In my constituency the democratic process appears to lead to a forgone result of Conservative. The Bookies have odds of 1/100 for Conservative. That's without them spending any significant campaign money around here either.

The website shows the low spending and Ultra Safe classification of the seat:

So despite the telly debates and sloganeering, it's much easier for habitual voters to drive the outcomes without needing to think about any of the issues.

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