Sunday, 5 April 2015

Key Lime Pie confounds car detection

The car is a Nissan Nondescript. We were supposed to have a Chevrolet Cantdescribe, but we'd gone to the wrong Hertz desk.

Although my name was displayed, it had a mysterious TERMB next to it, instead of a pick-up bay number. I'd spoken to the man who initially tried to up-sell me but then quietly found me a car that was a near equivalent of the one parked somewhere in a different zone.

Not to worry, the new car was fine and easily swallowed our bags and passengers. The thing is, it does look like an awful lot of other car types. A kind of mix of Audi, Kia, Toyota, Acura such that we walk along the line afterwards studying similar looking vehicles for signs that it might be our one.

Twice we have lost it properly. Once was in the Team Mickey car park, where we'd parked in what was a fairly empty parking lot and then a few hours later spent about 10 minutes seeking our vehicle which was now lurking among rows of almost identical models.

Then, when we were on our second visit to Publix. The visit where we found the Edwards Key Lime Pie. The first time it was notably absent from the shelving. A gaping hole in the section where it should have been located. Even the minimalist two-slice version had gone.

This time we were triumphant and the full 2lb 4oz version was on display. Checked out, we had a very patient man wheeling our trolley back to the non-existent car as we wandered the Publix car park looking for it.

"It happens all the time," he tactfully lied in a moment reminiscent of the 'slippery little suckers' scene in Pretty Woman.

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