Sunday, 26 April 2015

he's just hangin' around

Aside from Cameron's picture of future Britain being a photoshop of the Weimar region of Germany, his displayed statistics are also questionable.

The one that leaps out says the deficit has been halved. If we are really talking about UK's national debt, then the Office of National Statistics shows different picture.

ONS shows a progressive increase in UK national debt from 2010 at £956n to now at £1502bn. How is an increase of £546bn (around 57%) shown as a decrease? I worry about these politicians and their math skills. Perhaps its just another Camerwrong moment?

Of course, the skilful Lyntonite advisors no doubt told Cameron to edit out the cracks in the picture of the road along with the spillages and skid marks, which were visible in the original. Clever choices, perhaps to airbrush away what is beneath the Photoshop.

Lynton Crosby and his chums, including that well known truth addict Grant Shapps have been masterminding behind the scenes for Cameron, including the count of seats to stay in Government.

If the current estimate is 272 or 273 seats for each party, then Labour plus the SNP could just squeak in with the needed 326 overall majority. An academic outcome because Milliband has already blown up his powder by saying he won't link with the SNP.

So Cameron will attempt "I'm king of the castle" to stay in Downing Street while hatching another back garden deal with Lib-Dem and some others to show that Conservatives have the upper hand. I'm sure the are inventing a few new cabinet titles to give away already.

At this rate we could get 'same old same old', amounting to a quiet Establishment victory maintaining the status quo.

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