Tuesday, 7 April 2015

do not shake. contents under pressure.

Trying to watch a movie on a regular television channel in the USA. It helps explain why populist movie scriptwriting has been simplified. This particular wallpaper movie has been on from before breakfast to nearly lunchtime and is still only two thirds through. It is best described as a female version of 'The Hangover'.
No, William Shatner isn't in it.

Someone is getting married. All the women go for a girls' night out. The dress gets torn. Someone can sew. One of them pickpockets some money and somehow they make the dress good/better again. That'll be the great reveal if the movie ever gets to it.
That's roughly the entire plot. The thing is, it's chopped up into 4 minute segments with interspersed 6 minute advert breaks.

And don't get me started on litigation prevention warnings on everything...
If you owe, you need a pro. Act Now.

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