Sunday, 29 March 2015

leave it till tomorrow to unpack my case

"Flew in to Miami Beach, B O A C"

I know, a reversal of the usual lyric, but we're in Florida for a few days.

Last time we were in Miami Beach was a couple of years ago, on the way to the Keys.

We stayed in the hotel that they used in that episode of The Sopranos, when the New Jersey gang met the Miami gang.

Whenever I see Scarface or one of those Miami movies I have to do the 'been there!' when I recognises certain scenes. The picture shows the hotel next door to the one with the staircase from Scarface. The actual 'apartment block' has been Johnny Rocketed.

This time , for us, it was a quick stopover as we were on route back to a more northern part of Florida.

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