Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sage free thinking

no fog this tyne
I was in the Sage for a small part of the Free Thinking season a few days ago. Some it has already been broadcast on BBC radio, and other parts are yet to appear.

It was well attended by a broad spectrum of folk and covered a very wide range of topics, spread over three and a half days, although the broadcast version spans the whole of November.

The topics were often the ones not formally suited to the dinner table, politics, religion, that sort of thing, and included thought provoking subjects such as the human copying machine (do mirror neutrons really force us to mimic?), puzzles about where all the money went (dead cat bounces and all) and how happy do we all need to be - including what the government thinks about it all.

There’s often a small bunch of selected presenters for certain topics on BBC television, a few names that pop up repeatedly and sometimes stray across subjects that are on the edges of their normal field. Something to do with presentation skills and recognition. It’s good to see, at events like this, that there’s a wide selection of others that can be drawn into the debates.

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