Saturday, 29 November 2014

Marion Déprez is Gorgeous @mimeticfest

Through Karen's co-ordination, we'd arranged to meet up at the Vault at 8pm. That's the place along the well graffitied Leake Street, which tunnels under Waterloo Station.

We were there to see the gorgeous Marion Déprez, part way through her series of performances in Lucy's Room.

Great applause as Marion slowly appeared from behind a black curtain, progressively filling the stage with her gorgeous Frenchness.

Marion's delightfully quirky show examines the objectification of women, 'see I can just stand here and look gorgeous' as she flits through a range of sketches from her off-kilter world.

We heard about (but didn't quite meet) her boyfriend, had hints on telling jokes, a tempestuous run through woods, past gorgeous ponies, to a mysterious ivory tower. There were drink-me bottles, a prince and a butterfly which we helped fluff to the stage.

Oh, and a frog. Of course.

Zany and gorgeous. Ideal for a Friday evening.

And plenty to talk about in the pub afterwards.

Did I mention she was gorgeous?

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