Sunday, 10 August 2014

very wet on a bike

Back cycling today, initially in sunshine, but then the weather suddenly nosedived into car-wash level rain, as if someone had flicked a storm switch.

I suppose the intermittent and rapidly changing dark clouds should have been a give-away, but it is already back to sunshine again now, and somehow more reminiscent of April's winds than what is supposed to be the middle of summer.

I'm not sure that tonight's special supermoon is going to be very visible, let alone the shooting star effects from the Perseids.


Accidental Londoner said...

It was pretty torrential out this morning, wasn't it? I was wimpishly indoors watching it teem down. My poor neighbours are digging out their garden in preparation for an extension, and the rain has washed away half their garden today!

Pat said...

Don't want to boast but - thanks to Daphne W.B. on Face Book I did see the space station pass over the front of the house one night last week. Much slower than I had imagined.

rashbre said...

Accidental Londoner Yes, and the same thing happened to me again on Monday, although this time I was on foot. The rain turned from 0% to maximum in about 5 seconds. We all huddled in shop doorways and found brollies and waterproofs.

rashbre said...

Pat I'm told I missed the appearance of two space stations and the meteor showers on Sunday night/Monday morning!