Saturday, 30 August 2014

damp look hairstyles for bootleg vacuum cleaner users?

The UK press is telling us there has been a panic rush on vacuum cleaners over the last few days. Apparently because of the EU-legislation to reduce the size of the electric motors. I suppose it's a way for the retailers to dump their old stock quickly, but I'm not sure what it really has to do with cleaning efficiency?

The big fat motors have probably been a way to up-sell rather than because they make a massive difference to cleaning efficiency. Our cleaners are a corded Dyson Animal HEPA filter (rated at 1400w, I just checked) and a Dyson Animal HEPA cordless (rated at 30w, with a 20 minute battery life).

Guess which one gets used the most? Yes - the cordless one, which is lightweight and pretty efficient. It can be used like an upright or like a sort of souped up dust-buster and no tangly cord to manage.

It leaves me somewhat bemused about the difference between 30w and 1400w? I don't think the big one is 46 times as powerful as the little one. Maybe 20% more effective?

Then there's the current generation robotic cleaners. We were watching one at John's house a few days ago. Fantastic fun, cameras, infrared, remote control, HEPA filter. All in a sub 30 watt package with a 50 minute run cycle. The household quote says it's not quite as good as a deep clean with a bigger vacuum, but when it automatically runs around every night, it's still pretty good.

I know the EU wants to make a worthy point about energy efficiency, but when I checked the vacuum cleaner annual running cost for a 1400w motor (72kWh) compared with a 2000w motor (104kWh), it was a difference of £4.74.

Per annum.

I also cross checked the latest most aggressive sounding Hoover brand machines. Hurricane. Turbo Power. Dust Manager. Guess what? They are now all running on 700w motors.

I suppose when the EU-legislation adds in hairdryers, tumble dryers and other high-wattage domestic appliances, it will start to add up. As long as people people don't simply take longer when cleaning or drying hair? Perhaps a new bohemian braided damp look hairstyle will emerge from the fashion pages?

So there's something altogether strange going on in the world of domestic appliance retail. I just hope they are not taking us for suckers.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

One wonders. Because it's all about "SELLING" and you "BUYING" to these company's and 'Truth In Advertising' doesn't seem to mean very much....I always think---whose in bed with who, here?

rashbre said...

Naomi Yes, with the added complexity of the European Union lobbyists attempting to come up with high visibility statements.