Saturday, 28 June 2014

wondering about post Aperture photo management

I see Apple are functionally stabilising the Aperture product which I have used for the last few years as the place to store all my digital photographs.

They say Aperture will still work with their next operating system called Yosemite, but the replacement is called Photos and supersedes both the old iPhoto and Aperture.

Like many, I have at least tens of thousands of photos in Aperture, so I guess the transition will be interesting. I'm also wondering about all of the plug-ins, such as the flip across from Aperture into Photoshop, or the other generally useful software like Nik and One.

I could move to Adobe's Lightroom, but I guess I'll wait until I see what Photos provides and whether it's been dumbed-down like Final Cut Pro X was, such that two years later I still have two versions of FCP running on my iMac.

One of the attractions for me of the Mac has been the simplicity of managing it and that 'It just works'. I do hope that these latest changes re not going to start introducing more fiddly-ness to the proceedings.

Many recent software changes are linked to the increasing emphasis on storing things in the Cloud, which I've noticed even MS Word tries to impose nowadays unless over-ridden. It's a great dandy highwayman revenue model too, "Stand and deliver, your money or your data"

I'll persist with my own storage solutions at the moment; the Cloud has its place but in the last couple of days I've seen two different situations where cloud services I use have been unavailable.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

OY! This could all drive you crazy!!! You are the most knowledgeable person I know----and if you aren't sure of something----we are ALL in trouble---cause I don't understand any of it!!!
One counts on the word of these company's----Well, I guess you really can't count on them.

rashbre said...

Naomi Yes, sometimes it's best to just stand back and wait for the virtual dust to settle.