Wednesday, 25 June 2014

maybe I can spend a little longer in the attic after all?

Big Ben 'found in the attic'

It's Wednesday already.

I've been zooming around but managed to get today's big meeting turned into a conference call.

Dial-in instead of spending multiple hours travelling to and fro. Then, this morning a couple of us briefly discussed the session in a pre-meeting and managed to reduce it from half a dozen people for two hours each to...


We've agreed the next things in a way that avoided the need for the big forum altogether. I reckon it's saved me about 7 hours. And probably saved around 30 person hours all together.

I'm still on the hook though. I'd better get back to my garret and get my stuff done.

I know, I used the video once before, but that was in 2006.

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