Tuesday, 17 June 2014

BHF #L2B London to Brighton bike ride fly-by of route (until the GPS conked out at Ditchling)

I'm waiting for JK to load up some video from the weekend's bike ride. He reckoned there was a technical problem with the camera, so we'll have to wait and see.

Until then, I took the remnants from my own Garmin route track and animated them in Google to produce a flyby from Clapham Common to where my GPS packed up at Ditching Beacon. I'm flying at around 75metres and at around 300 mph in the video.

I also managed to fly a bit close to the ground about 2/3 of the way through, but it'll have to do.

If JK sends me his Garmin log I'll make a full version.

I'll also try to extract some footage from my handlebar camera, but we all suffered from various schoolboy-style errors during the ride.

I also compiled a few lessons learned here:

1) Pack some wet wipes (Nope)
2) Eat the spare banana before it goes slimy (oops)
3) Don’t put the banana skin back in the backpack (oops)
4) Don’t take large bottles of Coke, however attractively priced at Poundland (That one is for Ian)
5) Put devices into low power mode - definitely don't leave the backlighting on (hmm, several of us)
6) After the chain falls off, check that the cadence and speed sensor thingy still working (me again)
7) Don’t put small bike attachments into the place where you put the banana skin.
8) Ask the parents’ permission before holding the baby in one's oily hands (I remembered to do this)
9) Try to have the same number of bikes at the end as at the start (the pickup to get back to London was in the next town yet one of us had sent their bike back by car.)
10) Remember to take lights in case it is dark by the time we get back to Clapham (someone in the Rapha gear, perhaps?)
11) Apply for next year already.

I am certain there are more.


Pat said...

Alas I frequently try to upgrade the Flash Player and it never works.
Well done for remembering about oil and babies and bananas shouldn't be a problem in the future.

rashbre said...

Pat yes there's often a barrage of updates to have to remember.