Friday, 16 May 2014

St. Vincent plays guitar

Curries most evenings this week, varying from quite modest to the full monte. It wasn't in a grand plan, but more a result of erratic changes to schedule. Then a curious co-incidence on Friday was meeting an Austrian colleague at the exact bakers that made the cake featured in the the Eurovision transmission last weekend. Curly Whirly Cake, or what?

By Friday evening, I managed to get back home, although not until late evening.

Flick on the telly to see Annie Clark being the sonic goddess St. Vincent. I'm sure the Jools session will eventually turn up on t'internet, but until then, here's some Strange Mercy, featuring another version of the otherworldly guitar wielding songstress.

Don't have time to watch it all? try Surgeon around the 3:15 mark.

Or learn a few harmonics and moves from Annie...

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