Monday, 26 May 2014

a few days in a straw hat

We had hardly arrived when we were invited to a bit of a party by the pool. Actually the party was in full swing and we had to change gear from just off plane to sociable in a few moments.

Ice cold beer and food accompanied the hospitality, even if this early evening felt like some time after one o' clock in the morning.

By next day, things had readjusted, although at breakfast there were already sounds from a bicycle race passing the balcony, followed shortly afterwards by a half marathon. And did we know there was an all day festival in the town?

We decided to have a look. After all, it was celebrating the official start of Summer in this part of the world.

Only one thing for it.



OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh My!!! That looks BEAUTIFUL....!
I scrolled back to see what I had missed---and wondered where you were---I know it is somewhere Tropical, but, Where, pray tell?

rashbre said...

Naomi It's Bermuda.