Sunday, 16 March 2014

re Knog-ing the Cayo

It should only take a few minutes really.

The re-Knog-ing just required the location of the frogs and a quick check that they were still powerful enough. They winked back at me alright but I couldn't resist flipping them and adding new cells.

A quick slip around the carbon of the Cayo and everything was ready.

It's not the frogs that are the problem actually, I've discovered a new creak and it's coming from the Arione. Never mind, the horses can hear me on the lanes.

Today's interesting sightings: The mum jogging up the steep hill with her baby in a three-wheeler buggy. The randomly startled pheasants running back and forth across the road. The caw caw caw from the rookery. The tightrope squirrels on the power lines. That green woodpecker flying parallel to the road. A few early morning gunshots. About a dozen other cyclists saying hello.


Pat said...

Now I'm guessing they are safety things you attach to your person so you won't be mown down by traffic or jogging Mums.

rashbre said...

Pat Yep. Little lights. I can be quite sparkly sometimes.