Saturday, 1 March 2014

limited time

I've been carrying one of those beanie hats this week because even on short walks there'll be sudden downpours of rain.

It seems to fit with the look on the tube too, where parts of commuter uniform include (a) those hats - mainly more stylish than my plain black one (b) various types of running shoe or similar sports footwear (c) a digital device to read - definitely not a newspaper in the morning. (d) an optional copy of the Standard, Time Out (Tuesday) or bizarrely Decanter(Thursday) to read on the evening tube.

Yes, I'm not commuting by cable car at the moment, but instead picking my tube doors wisely.


Accidental Londoner said...

A hat is definitely needed right now. Will this rainy phase ever end?! I can't pull of a beanie so I've had to settle for a less stylish umbrella.

Pat said...

A plain black beanie sounds the best bet.