Saturday, 8 February 2014

turbo bike ride instead of braving the white marbles

Today the white marbles were falling out of the sky, so I decided to have another bicycle ride on the turbo. I decided I'd do the same ride as yesterday and see whether I could stay above the line all the way up two steep hills in the middle of the session.

I didn't.

It's hard to spot on the chart above, but after some energetic spinning at the start, I conk out momentarily at about 22 and 26 minutes. It's very subtle, but I know I faded.

Both yesterday and today I ran out of watts before the top of the two big climbs.

I've used this course in the past and somehow these times I didn't feel quite as feeble by the end of it. Perhaps my last 2-3 weeks of non-cycling have given my system a chance to recover.

I'm also pleased to say I can keep peddling all the way through these kind of scenes now. When I started I'd usually have to stop after about 20 minutes and sometimes by the hour it could get a bit embarrassing.

At least I'm up to 46 miles cycled this week.

But before I feel too righteous about this and the Dryathalon (no booze) during January, I have to report this year's creme eggs beckon. With that in mind, tomorrow I might try Blender.


Carmi Levy said...

The landscape in my sliver of the world is solidly frozen and covered with more snow than I dare admit. But as I sit in my basement office and stare out at my stored-for-the-winter bicycle, I already know that your two-wheeled experiences are inspiring me to get back on the road as soon as I can see pavement.

Thanks for the push. I needed that!

rashbre said...

Carmi I can well understand not venturing onto icy roads on a bicycle. I came unstuck like that a while ago and hobbled around for a while afterwards.