Monday, 6 January 2014


One of those strange nights.

I'm back to a more normal routine this week and decided to have an early night to sort of 'reset' myself.

It didn't work.

Curiously, I woke up at what I thought would be near morning to discover it was only 00:55.

Often I wouldn't be in bed until that type of time, so this was something strange.

Then I woke up again at about 03:55.

Not a big deal, but I flipped to listen to the radio, which a few minutes later did the pips for 04:00. Except it was on BBC World Service and so it didn't say the time at all.

Apparently because the World Service is available everywhere means the time can't be stated. Surely a little bit bonkers?

They've started not stating the time for programmes in the schedule too. They just say the programmes are 'on today'. Kind of Dali's 'Persistence of Memory' based scheduling.

I'm sure it didn't used to be like that. I seem to remember times in GMT because I'd have to mentally adjust that it was one hour later during the summer. I think they also used to say things like 'It's 7am in Moscow and 5am in Paris' as well.

Still. Darkness and rain when the alarm finally peeped.

Welcome to the normal form of January.



Lois (three-legged-cat) said...

I also had a reset plan involving an early night. I carefully switched on my workday alarm before heading to bed early. Amazingly I avoided edu-insomnia (as a colleague dubbed the seemingly inevitable night of poor sleep that precedes the first day of term).

In fact I slept a little too well. The whole alarm-setting thing would have worked better if I'd remembered to switch the sound back on after a theatre trip the previous evening. Oops.

rashbre said...

Lois Yes, I think Monday was the first proper day back for lots of folk. Hmm Edu-insomnia. Sounds similar to workinsomnia.