Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I remember seeing the trailer for Gravity ages before the film came out. All jump cuts like most trailers with hardly a scene lasting more than a second.

Sometimes the trailers are so narrative-rich they there's no need to see the move at all. 'Atonement' was one that I always remember being in that category.

Gravity is different, where the all-action trailer missed the deliberately shaded dynamics in the film.

The opening scene to me is a great case in point, where we adjust our eyes to the dark of space, the earth and little else. Then notice something in transit, which we recognise as having activity around it. Suddenly there's a kind of ground rush effect as it gets bigger and we see the detail. All held on a more or less fixed camera position.

Of course, there's plenty more that happens later in the film, in what is actually a fairly simple 2-hander story or maybe a 3-hander if I count 'Space' as the third person. It's told in a way that gives a real sense of the scale and dynamics of space.

I don't think I'll be orbiting earth any time soon, so this type of movie on a massive screen and with a few 3D flying shapes gives the next best sense.

Yes, even with Gravity's simple story, I found myself being pulled in.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I had a hard time with this film---Seeing it on a Screener, at home, which is the only way I can see it----I missed a lot! My friend who lent it to me said----it really should be seen in a big theatre on a big screen....! But....it was the only way I could see it, at all....

I agree with you that some "trailers" give you so much you don't really need to go see the movie....lol!

rashbre said...

Naomi I think this one is more of an experience than a pure movie, so the IMAX 3D certainly helps pull one into the screen.

I'm sure to see it again on a regular television, like your screener copy, although, as you say, some of it's all embracing nature might get lost.

In honesty, I think there are probably only a few films like this one that REALLY need the ultra big screen.