Friday, 20 December 2013

spot the shopper

They are saying that this weekend is going to be the biggest shopping weekend for Christmas in the UK. Even by my standards, it seems a bit late.

I've noticed London already emptying out, although whilst in Newcastle for the last couple of days, there seemed to be quite a bustle in the shopping areas.

The advertisers are all copying one another in the final countdown. It kind of spoils the effect by removing any uniqueness. They might as well just say,"buy food".

And the sales appear to have started too. 20% then 30% and beyond. I thought the sales traditionally started around Boxing Day?

Perhaps my photograph above is a clue. A few days ago I was at one of the largest shopping malls in London (don't ask) but not only was it easy to get in, but the car park had vast empty areas. Yes, the shops were open, but the people seemed to be elsewhere.

I'll be tree hunting tomorrow, but that's about the limit of my planned retail experience for the day.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Do you think it is the economy that is keeping people away? That is a GREAT picture, and rather rare looking I would think.
Happy Tree Hunting and a Very Very Merry Christmas, my dears

Lady Banana said...

I did most of my shopping on the sofa - thanks Amazon :)

rashbre said...

Naomi With hindsight I think everyone was waiting for the last minute. Also, for what became early Sales this year.

Lady Banana I think we might have done some of that as well ;-)