Wednesday, 4 December 2013

soft white lights appearing

We seem to be into the gentle addition of lights to the neighbourhood again. Of course some of the main roads have been decked out for weeks, but now its spreading into the residential areas.

I've liberated ours from the garage and thrown them around a few trees and bushes and they all seem to be working. Even the timer still works from last year, so it's been a fairly painless job getting it all set up. I'm told that the 'soft white' colour (yellow) is still appropriate, although I'm not supposed to use the 'white white' or the 'blue white' lights.

I spotted a few roadsigns that some local streets are closed at the weekend for the regular mini Fayre. I'm also guessing that Santa will make a reconnaissance appearance at the end of this week.


Doris said...

Pretty :-)

What is wrong with white white or blue white?

The roof looks perfect for santa to land on! ;-)

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Looking very pretty! Everything seems to be decorated earlier and earlier.....And why not? It takes a lot of work to get it all together....This way, you can enjoy the festiveness for a lot longer, too...!

rashbre said...

Doris Yes, it beats me too.

Naomi I think we are amongst the early ones this year. I predict the upcoming weekend will see the majority of lights appear outside.

Pat said...

They look very pretty.
I have an aversion to blue lights.
Maybe I was a criminal in another life.

rashbre said...

Pat Every year, the ones around Sloane Square somehow manage to mix blue and gold/white effectively. But it does seem to be an exception to the rule.

Shephard said...

Oh, that looks "television perfect" ... charming and cheery!

rashbre said...

Shephard : ...and more of the neighbourhood are fired up now.