Tuesday, 17 December 2013

jumping frogs and glow stick glasses

I said I'd get around to an annual picture of Sloane Square with its blue and white lights. I've even managed to include a black cab.

Part of the plot involved buying a few small items for a lucky dip type of festive occasion. Glow stick glasses. Tinsel pipe cleaners. Miniature bowling alley.
A gold tiara. A judge's wig. A propeller hat. A clockwork frog (or two). A sparking yo-yo. You know the kind of things.

All we need now is a picture of the inside of a well-known neighbourhood department store.
Peter Jones


Doris said...

Peter Jones?

I'm appreciating the pics of my old haunts ;-)

How does one wear a clockwork frog?!

rashbre said...

Doris You know your stores. Yes, from the 5th floor looking down.

And, off the shoulder, of course.