Saturday, 16 November 2013

trippy and circular moments

a bit trippy
The last week was unexpectedly trippy. Not because of the extra drugs I took for my cold. They were only Lem-sip, after all.

But there were a few things that went somewhat off kilter.

Not specifically for me, but related circumstances caused me to cover a lot of ground.

Mainly circuits of the M25. Amazing how both north and south can have simultaneous roadworks. I knew it was bad when the sat nag started to tell me to turn around on the motorway.

It's all regaining balance now and today I even managed to go for a local bike ride.

First time in over a week. 24 miles. That's just over 6,000 miles cycled this year.


Doris said...

Wow 6k on the bike just this year - that's pretty creditible.

That image is quite beguiling. One could swear it really was moving.

That M25 can be quite trippy in its own inimitable way.

Pat said...

Hope you are fighting fit once more.

Nikki-ann said...

I feel quite lucky that I don't live anywhere near a motorway :)

Doris said...

LOL Nikki-ann :-) I feel quite lucky that I DO live near a motorway! I'm towards the north of England not far from a motorway which means we have the pleasure of a small town and villages and countryside and yet still have good access to travel to major cities.

The M25 is a whole different ball game though!

rashbre said...

Doris I'd idly thought about trying to do 6.6k or whatever the so called 'average Briton' travels in a year. I need to look it up again though because the figure seems suspiciously low.

rashbre said...

Pat Yes, thank you. Back in action, although I did keep taking the tablets for a few days.

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann I was on that there M54 the other day, which I think heads across towards Wales. I'm guessing its one of your local-ish motorways, judging by the good advice you've given me about places to visit near it in the past.

DorisLike you, We've got both motorways and lanes around here. The London aspect means we have a fair selection of routes although sometimes a few bottlenecks in the middle. Come to think of it a few bottlenecks around the edges too.

Nikki-ann said...

Rashbre, yep the M54 is our nearest motorway (an hour away on a good day)... not that it's really a motorway, more of a bypass!

No chance of finding me driving in major cities, it's the train for me (even if that does only leave ever 2 hours from the local station!).