Friday, 29 November 2013

tracking the specials agent

comparethemeerkat screenshot
I should have realised when I saw the huge west London billboard advertisements a month or more ago. They are the ones usually reserved for new prestige car launches and airlines.

They were advertising Maiya the specials agent meerkat.

I had to renew some kind of insurance policy at the time and somehow let the meerkats persuade me to switch suppliers. That and the dramatic change of price, of course.

My reward would be the acquisition of a cuddly toy. Naturally I plumped for the exclusive limited edition one, knowing all along that it will be going to join a small collection elsewhere once it has safely arrived at rashbre central.

Now anyone who has been along the meerkat route will know that they are delivered from Meerkovo by Postkat, who doesn't always take the most direct route.
I checked with Sergei's meerkat tracker, which uses the same technology as the Meer Space Station, and it's indicated that Maiya is now in Dover.

Just because it's reached this country doesn't mean it will take a direct route for the next part of the journey.


Doris said...


We have a meerkat from an insurance policy and it too took a circuitous route with updates. Luckily the insurance is a good price to enable one to be sucked in by these adorably strange-looking creatures. I wonder how big the team are who think up these creative ideas and if it is proving financially worthwhile.

It is good fun.

Pat said...

I wonder it the meerkats have any trouble with the immigration authorities?

rashbre said...

Doris We were also wondering about the strange economics to something like this. At the moment we are predicting a meerkat movie.

Pat I suspect they are choosing such fiendishly complex routes to try to throw off the authorities.