Friday, 22 November 2013

time acceleration

Doctor Who cast
Fun with both time travel and history acceleration today with this pop chart lookup. Click through to see many years of top 30 or top 100 singles, complete with a mini play list, via Bob Borst's site.

What with it being my birthday month, I tried my birth year and found interesting curios amongst the songs (gulp).

For the UK there's also the UK Official Charts listings, but it doesn't provide an automatic playlist.

For this blog I've set both of the above searches to 1963, because of the extensive coverage of Kennedy and Doctor Who over the last few days. Two stories from adjacent days, both receiving comprehensive UK coverage at the moment.

Thursday night on television I could watch analysis of the sight lines Elm Street or the politics of Dallas and then flip to see the first ever Who episode (or the whole series, if required).

By the morning the rolling news on the hotel room television had already moved on and extensive coverage had moved to another story. Tweets were coming in of Monty Python's planned reunion.

Crunchy frog, anyone?

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Doris said...

Fascinating list for 1963 - all those classics. Not surprising as it is the year I was born ;-)

Did you see the drama documentary of the beginning of Dr Who this week? I had never before realised that those two significant November dates were side by side.

I wonder if the MPs can ever have the same brilliance they once had? Mind you, I sometimes found them too oddball and didn't get all their stuff. John Cleese is magic with his timing.