Wednesday, 20 November 2013

hemlock grove as hebenon to the eyes?

Hemlock GroveI finished watching a film on Netflix recently and it came up with a suggestion about watching a Netflix series called Hemlock Grove. I thought this might be a handy thing to have as I've started to use the bike turbo again for the winter season and duly clicked on the first episode.

Oh dear.

I've been sticking with it, but I'm not really sure about how or why they made it. What I've enjoyed is the sheer number of horror film concepts that they've managed to throw into the first couple of episodes. Kind of Addams Family meets Twin Peaks, done in a Young Adult format but with lots of steam of every kind.

Even the High School Kids could work out who was a werewolf ahead of the authorities. Here's a clue:
Hemlock Grove

So what do we get? There's a High School. A posh family. A 'gypsy' family who move into the town. There's a wood where Strange Things Happen At Night. There's a very tall goth girl with a kind of facial disfigurement. A secret scientist laboratory. A few Unspoken Secrets. A gnarly dude who runs through the woods and has a bit of a twitch. A vintage sports car. Much use of big eyes acting.
Hemlock Grove
Then there's the casualties. The body count is quite low at the moment, but I have a feeling it is going to rise in every episode.

I'm paused somewhere in Episode 3 but am going to stick with it for a few more episodes. I'm finding a strange fascination for the cringeworthiness.

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