Friday, 15 November 2013

every step you take

I've clocked a fair few car miles this week, although it's been at the expense of cycling.

There was a strange moment when one of the online systems I use for monitoring my cycling sent me an automated message saying it was missing my activity.

It links with the story on the front of the Economist this week which is about ubiquitous monitoring and threats to privacy.

I'm not going along the route of the 'life-loggers', but it becomes an interesting challenge to achieve the right balance between functionality and privacy.

More of the systems like Google want to join everything together, presumably to make a better target market of we individuals.
glasses with embedded video
It raises the question around 'Glassware' and similar offerings that can observe and tie things together.

I gather Google won't provide face recognition on the live platform, although I assume that fringe activities will find ways around this.

I already have to smile for the camera every time I enter the United States and the fast lane back into the UK is via biometrics stored in the passport.

The 'next generation identification' systems have subtly become current.
google glass
Say "Cheese".


OldLady Of The Hills said...

"Big Brother" and all his Brothers are here! HELP!

rashbre said...

Naomi ...and I thought it was Santa and his elves on reconnaissance!

Doris said...

Do you know what bugs me about privacy is when the names of people I know in the "real world" appear as possible connections in my blogging persona email which I keep entirely separate. This means that the tentacles reach out and infiltrate and one day someone might be able to put two and two together. After all, if their names are appearing on my system then surely my blogging name is going out too?

rashbre said...

Doris I have noticed that effect as well, where an identity that I'd use for entertainment (like rashbre) somehow gets linked with a bizzo identity.

Some of us set up our blogs with pseudonyms for a reason and its irritating that theres been an erosion. I can understand to stop the indiscriminate spammers, but it shouldn't mean that we genuine types somehow get caught up in it all.