Saturday, 19 October 2013


I was caught out by a neighbour a few days ago. I'd been wielding garden implements twice within the same week. "But you don't do gardening," was the spirit of the comment.

It's the restoration of some of the grass, which needed extra seed and some of that top dressing to help to get started.

It's amazing how much technology I could have brought to bear on this simple operation. Instead I used handfuls of seed and stamped them down with my boot rather than dedicated lawn machinery.

Then the weather forecast said it was going to be bright and sunny over the whole weekend, so I assumed the seeds would have to wait longer for some rain to germinate. Wrong, of course, the whole weekend so far has been marked by downpours. Consequently, I'm expecting great things from these seeds. I even used the green coloured type, which mean the birds don't just peck their way through them.

Next week I may add some 10:10:10 fertiliser. Nitrogen:Phosphate:Potassium.

After that they will have to get used to the usual neglect.


Pat said...

You do realise you'll have to start mowing?

rashbre said...

Pat Yikes - you mean there isn't an App for lawn mowing?