Sunday, 20 October 2013

cake mix factor

Dr Strangelove
It's ages since I watched x-factor on telly but I sat through some of it yesterday. We started a good 30 minutes behind real-time but before the end had caught up and had to watch all the adverts.

There's a few savvy advertisers now who put a brand image throughout their whole advert, presumably to ensure it registers, even on 30x fast forward. A fine recent example of this is a mid-century styled cake advert by Betty Crocker, which uses their brand on the screen the whole time.

See how easily I'm distracted from the Xfactor? Even by a cake mix advert? One that says there's no-one judging?

Anyway, I've not particularly been keeping up with the premise that each of the judges gets a batch-bake of artists and also a vote to knock someone out after the public has voted.


In the spirit of game theory, surely the judges will want to retain whichever artist is the least threat to their own survivors? A piece of cake (sorry, Betty)

And where was the term X-factor originally coined? Game theory, by any chance?


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Funny you should use this picture from "Dr. Strangelove", it was on here yesterday (Saturday) on Turner Classic Movies---What a GREAT GREAT Film....And NO Adverts, at all---Cake or!
I don't watch the X-Factor or any of those singing comps anymore---actually, I never did get hooked on any of them, I'm glad to say....More hours of the day to do other things....!

Pat said...

It used to be interesting waiting for Sharon to lose her cool but she's quietened down and its back to the same old formula.

rashbre said...

Naomi Yes, I enjoy Dr Strangelove too. Some great lines in it "no Fighting here...This is the WAR room", etc.

Pat I was thinking the same thing about how the bits between the singers could almost be pre-recorded inserts and are largely interchangeable. I don't think I'll be watching again for a long time.