Friday, 25 October 2013

a traffic based north-south divide

dominator conesTravelling north and finding a few problems with the roads. The original estimate was that we'd get to our destination at 18:06. The big road is the M6, which provides a 3-lane motorway link from south to north. There was some kind of major hold-up north of Birmingham. I had to give in and resort to the next big road that goes north.

That's the parallel A34, which is mainly dual carriageway and which goes north near to the M6. My sat-nav gave a revised estimate that we'd reach our destination at 19:30. Then the A34 was downgraded via cones to single carriageway accompanied by a major hold-up. I had to resort to the next big road that goes north.

That's the A51, which goes north-ish but you need to cut across to get onto it. The revised estimate moved to 20:06. Although the cut-across road from the A34 to the A51 had been closed. I noticed several cars behind me following a similar route and needing to abandon it. I resorted to another cut-across road and eventually got onto the A51 via a single track road covered in mud. Now the revised estimate was 20:30.

Unfortunately, part of the A51 also was closed and we were diverted by yellow signs onto the B-something. This was about the time that we decided to stop for a meal.

Afterwards, I looked at the sat-nav and the M6 and the A434 still showed a problem. We were able to complete our bypass manoeuvre, via the A49, but the revised estimate was now 21:54.

Yes, we arrived 4 hours later than the original estimate for what should have been our 5 hour journey north.

Could it be half term week?

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