Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Talking Bad

Breaking Bad
The last few gripping episodes of Breaking Bad are playing out through September, and it's interesting to see the way they are testing new ways of social viewing. The series is on AMC in the USA and has a Sunday 9pm slot.

There's a follow-up TV show called Talking Bad, to review the episode, in a way that is similar to the post-mortems of talent show contests here in the UK.
Breaking Bad
We don't have Breaking Bad shown on normal television here in the UK, although the Netflix version is available from sometime late on Sunday evening.

It's an interesting development comprising the show, the post show review and also a parallel internet dialogue running at showtime, which includes various votes and similar.
Breaking Bad
I don't know whether it will ever be shown here on terrestrial or satellite, but it would be difficult to recreate the US style experience. I wonder if there will be similar experiments with UK programming, other than cringe-worthy reality shows?


Pat said...

I'm longing for the final series.
To fill the gap I have been watching Luther but it can't really compare.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I could really do without all the Aftershow stuff---The show itself is so very powerful---It seems like milking the last drop is just so "Commercial"....I honestly did not like that they broke up the last season and stretched it out to two....
I understand they are going to do the same thing with "Mad Men"....Squeeze every dollar they can....This is not to my liking, at all!

rashbre said...

Pat The final series is playing now. There's just 2 more episodes (One of which I will watch today!)

rashbre said...

Naomi : I agree that theres plenty of aftershow stuff that I don't watch, but I have found the ones for BB to be quite interesting. I like Vince Gilligan as a writer and have found some of his interviews quite informative.

I didn't know about Mad Men following the idea. I suppose it's the next new thing. Mad Men cocktails, anyone?