Saturday, 21 September 2013

sometimes time travel is required

Time travel flowchart
I saw this diagram some time ago and realise that it's not just useful for movies. It could have been handy this week when I was busy running about, as a way to help me diagnose which type of time-poor situation I was in.

And the supplementary question: given one chance to time travel, would it be forwards or back? My answer is in an envelope.

Of course, we've all done it somewhere.

Stood on a dateline and jumped backwards and forwards like they do in the movie 'Paul'. We get a brief chance again next month when the clocks change, I suppose.
Paul Movie
There's always been a useful date for time travel: 7th May, 2005. It's the date everyone was supposed to advertise to give time travellers somewhere to converge. Of course, the event was over-subscribed and so they had to turn a lot of people away. Some of the time travellers probably saw that Tina Fey newscast where she said that the party wasn't any good either.

It raises another paradox, that if a single event was unsuccessful, then maybe there's more. Sufficient to mean that time travellers wouldn't bother to show up. Or at least to travel incognito.

Then there's that coffee shop with the notes in the drawer.
coffee shop time traveller note
Hmm, HAL, Dave, 687 comments?...

Note: I back-posted this to Saturday.

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