Thursday, 12 September 2013

sneaky september spiders

Buzzing spider
Todays's specimen was a Buzzing Spider, which was looking at me from a door frame. Yesterday there was a small wolf spider. The bouncy kind that tried to jump out of the tumbler used to catch it before moving it back outdoors.

You know. Cover it with a tumbler. Gently slide a card underneath. Invert. Carry outdoors. Tip onto foliage.

And the day before that we had a long leggy house spider.

The low-key invasions started promptly at the beginning of September (which I think of as spider month). As the weather starts to change, a few errant spiders make their way indoors, mainly on the lookout for mates and probably less successful at being spiders indoors than outside. Other than the house spiders, most of them do a lot better in the open, with a combination of water and small flying things to support them.

We usually liberate them again, and it seems to be my job to do this, occasionally finding an area of the house cordoned off with that yellow and black warning tape until I can intervene.
emergency tape


Anonymous said...

I had one fall onto my head a couple of weeks back. Despite the shock and horror, I did the decent thing and captured it and put it outside. I think it was more scared than I was.


rashbre said...

vladography Somehow spiders 'indoors' seem more scary than spiders 'outdoors'. At this time of year in the early morning one can stumble through a web and find a spider attached, but in the open they seem easier to remove. Come to think of it, the web strand helps.