Wednesday, 18 September 2013

slippery in the saddle?

Bike Project
Since I've rejigged the silver bike's gears and all, bizarrely the thing that has taken the longest to re-adjust has been the saddle.

Most of my bikes have fairly similar profiled saddles on them. They have a quite a narrow shape with very little side walls. The Fizik Arione and the Charge spoon, to name a couple.
The Focus Cayo needs some TLC
For the silver bike, I've kept the Brooks saddle that I've used with it previously. Despite its long sides, it is still classed as a B17 Narrow saddle and although it weighs about twice as much as my other ones, I don't mind at all on this bike.
b17 narrow brown
It's at least three years old and I can still remember the first couple of rides were quite hard, but that quickly changed to something very comfortable. The thing I've noticed more since I readjusted everything is the slipperyness. I haven't re-treated it or polished it or anything, but I'm definitely sliding around.

I'm told that the nature of a Brooks saddle is to prevent aches by providing multiple riding positions, so maybe it's a feature, not a bug.

So now I'm experimenting with the front tilted up slightly and I think today was the first time since I fiddled with the bike that I've managed to get it 'just so'. We shall see.


Pat said...

They all look quite unforgiving.
I'd be tempted to have padded pants although I am fairly well upholstered.

rashbre said...

Pat: I prefer the thinner saddles, but each to their own.