Sunday, 29 September 2013

FeLiNa - blood, meth and tears?

I noticed that there's been a few recaps of TV series finales spread around t'Interweb over the last few days. One that is frequently quoted is that Sopranos ending.

I think there were two endings. The Hollywood ending a couple of episodes further back at the cliff-edge - I won't describe except to say it is Tony being King of the Canyon.

Then the writers for the last couple of shows came along to do the proper Sopranos ending. People (even the BBC) describe the 'fade to black' ending, but it was a 'cut to black'.

The popular view was that Tony Soprano was clipped by the guy in the "Members Only" Jacket. It's been described at length. But it also depends on the 'Point Of View'.

My alternative theory could be that it's the audience that gets the bullet. Cut to black with no audio. Hmm, pretty terminal.

Interestingly, Breaking Bad did something similar at the end of S5E13 To'hajiilee; Gunfire and a cut to black. Three episodes to go.

Different reasons, but it is making me wonder about false endings again?


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I personally loved "The Soprano's" ending.....I thought it Just Right! Leave it up to the audience....!

Watched the last "BREAKING BAD" last night.....Let's talk, after you see it.

And Thank You Soooo Very Very Much Ed, for your beautiful comment on my most recent post. It touched me deeply and it meant everything to me, my dear. You have given me the resolve to do my very best, to 'Keep On Keeping On'...!

Pat said...

No spoilers now. I still have 3 episodes to go with BB.

rashbre said...

Naomi Job done and see you over at your place ;-)
Pat Naomi + I have both seen the last episode but are conferring about it via email instead of on our blogs. Three more to go, eh? you still have some very good bits ahead.