Tuesday, 10 September 2013

bicycle's new cogs on test spin around virtual Madrid with Trainerroad

Hybrid bike gear swap 11:24 -> 11:32
I whipped the new cogs and shifters onto the silver pub bike, which now has a very skittish personality. This was the plan, of course.

I'll probably add a few pictures of the change when I have more time.

So far I've only taken it out for a quick spin to the nearest wiggly lane. I don't like going far on a revised bike until I've had a chance to ensure everything is working properly. It's already quite fun having it set up so differently from my usual carbon bike. More upright, straight handlebars, MTB clickers and I'd forgotten how slippery the leather saddle can be. I should have done this sooner.

I've added a spare Garmin sensor and a heavy duty rear skewer, so its fully turbo compatible in preparation for the darker months ahead.

Just for fun I clipped it into the Bushido and tried one of those virtual reality videos of a spin around Madrid. I used Trainerroad on a PC as the testbed, and a Ride Fit video.

It was good fun although madrileƱos have different biking rules from here in the UK, with added creative use of pavement areas. The video shows that there's a pretty good biking infrastructure around the city. My actual visit to Madrid remembers some significant slopes, although this ride seems to be along flatter parts by the river and through an area of the centre.

I used the turbo ride as a bike test and to ensure that all the various sensors and links are working. So far so good, although I have a feeling that getting the TACX software to run properly will be more of a challenge than Trainerroad, which just works.

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