Thursday, 26 September 2013

a small flutter

An interesting phenomenon when out cycling a couple of days ago. My Heart Rate Monitor reading suddenly sped up to 234bpm.

Fortunately, I could tell this wasn't accurate, because I wasn't even out of breath at the time.

I'd been peddling and also watching some migratory geese(?) flying east in V shaped formations. There were some big groups and a few stragglers.

I looked at the handlebar read-out and thought that maybe I should stop anyway.

As a general guideline, maximum heart rate (using the simple formula) is something like 220 minus age, which by any measure illustrates that the reading was a little on the enthusiastic side.

I quickly worked out what had happened. Let's just say my latest extra layer of clothing had created a micro-climate sufficient to create a short circuit on the HRM.
I re-traced the route today and it was at more or less my 'endurance' heart rate.

So as an ongoing reference, here's one of those little tables, based upon the work of Andrew Coggan, which illustrates cycling effort levels.

Cycling Effort levels


Pat said...

Don't want to nag but no harm in getting it checked out.

rashbre said...

Pat Thank you. Have no fear. All is good.