Friday, 16 August 2013

Pebble Beach concours et tour d' elegance

Aston Martin
It turns out that this week includes the Pebble Beach Tour d' Elegance car event in Carmel. That's why there have been so many fancy cars around. The stakes increased today with about a humourously large collection of Bentleys and a few unidentifiable supercars.
Packard car logo
There's also Packards and even more Ferraris. We saw a few Alfa Romeos and Porsche spiders, although the more run of the mill Ferraris, Porsche and Maseratis are all fairly common around the Sloaney parts of London, as well as in certain well-known car parks of the area. Someone I chatted to was amused that I thought the rental Mustang convertibles were more unusual than some of the German cars.
Il bestino
We meandered around, hearing car talk and being surprised that we'd accidentally turned up on the day that they paraded through Carmel.
At lunch time we unwittingly stopped at a cafe, took an outside table and had all of the cars drive right past us. All totally unplanned.

Later, we accidentally found ourselves inside the main enclosure where a kind of trade show was being run for the possible buyers of their next flashy cars. Time to find the emergency casual cream jacket to wear over the tee shirt.

And later still, as we travelled to our next stopping point, we chanced upon a regular car park with some of the overspill. Unusual (even in London) to see two gull wing AMG supercars parked a few squares apart.
AMG bookends


Nikki-ann said...

Car lover's paradise! :)

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann : Yes, amazing that we'd turned up by accident on the day that all these fancy cars were in town. Carmel's main street was packed with car buffs looking at all of the exotic machines.