Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mission Ranch

Clint Eastwood's Ranch
We'd worked out that Clint Eastwood's ranch was only a few minutes away from where we were staying. We were almost neighbours.

So we decided to pop around.

It's on Dolores, and known as the Mission Ranch with a rich and varied history and some 17 owners.

Juan Romero was the original owner, a native American, who deeded the property for $300 to a storekeeper. Then it became a dairy with the owners running it for around 60 years. Later it was a private club and then an officers' club with a lively reputation in World War II.

Clint Eastwood bought the ranch in 1986, stopping it from being redeveloped into condominiums. Instead he sought craftsmen to restore the style of the original buildings, now each showing a different architectural period.

It's a popular venue now, with a patio and restaurant that can't be booked. We arrived at around 3:30pm to see people already waiting to grab a table on the patio for 4pm. There's a great view which includes an appropriate old horse-drawn wagon, on this occasion surrounded by sheep.
spot the sheep


OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY! I LOVE the Sheep....! Good for Clint for saving and preserving that property! A man with a sense of History, besides being a FANTASTIC Film Maker!

rashbre said...

Naomi He's made a great job of it and it's a popular meeting place now - including for the locals of Carmel.

Pat said...

He used to be mayor I think.
Was he still around?

rashbre said...

Pat Yes - he was the mayor - back in the late 1980s! Nowadays at 83 he is still working in the movies, mainly directing, including Invictus, Hereafter and J.Edgar in the last 2-3 years. I guess the six 'wives' and eight children also keep him busy.