Thursday, 25 July 2013

those vital few seconds

I've been commuting partly by tube this week and it's been interesting to notice my speed of reversion to full-on commuter mode.

There's all the subtle conventions that one gets used to but then notices afresh after a gap.

It starts on the main line trains in the silent carriages with the almost complete move to digital. Far fewer people carry newspapers and many more have iSomethings to read or entertain.

There's the people who bagsy the big tables and sprawl laptops connected to headphones. They may look as if they are working, but they are mainly watching DVDs. Everyone has a phone to study emails, or, by the look of it, to be playing some sort of clicky game. Either that, or they set it all up and then fall asleep.

With at least two Christmas and Birthday cycles, many folk have iPads to view all manner of infotainment. In fairness, I was next to someone reviewing a set of Very Important Confidential business slides on their iPad at one point.

Personally I use my small footprint Kindle, which is more or less a reading device. It does carry a daily copy of the newspaper and is immune to loss of signal once the paper is downloaded. It can also carry plenty of books and even the odd business read which I can send to it via the personal secret email address, which automatically converts whatever I send into an eDocument.

But it was on the tube I realised that in a mere couple of days I'd reverted to commuter mentality.

I showed up on a platform just as a train was pulling out. I glanced to the indicator sign. Drat. I would now have to wait a WHOLE THREE MINUTES for the next one.

How inconvenient.


Nikki-ann said...

I always find it funny when people rush and huff & puff and then still miss the tube train and start cursing. Another will be along in a couple of minutes! Where I live it could be a couple of hours or even days before the next train or bus turns up!

Pat said...

The tube must have been unbearable in the heat wave.

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann I experienced that in the countryside the other day when we were staying in a place called Follifoot. It had a bus every hour, or every half hour if you walked to the main road.

rashbre said...

Pat Yes, it was quite warm. They thoughtfully suggest that passengers carry a bottle of water at this time of year. QUite a few were following the advice.