Friday, 19 July 2013

jam jar cocktails

drinks in jam jars
We were discussing the increasing number of cocktails being served in jam jars. These seem to vary from proper jam jars to a progressively increasing number of re-engineered jam jars which have an added handle.

There's an irony to an erstwhile austerity item being made into something designed and expensive, but probably not fulfilling either purpose of jam container or drinking vessel particularly well.

However, this 'Jamaican-me-crazy' jam packed cocktail was delish. And served in a real jam pot.


Accidental Londoner said...

Ironic indeed, but as you say, surprisingly popular of late. Seems to be particularly so in establishments that prefer not to bother with proper flatware and cutlery - an attempt to keep costs down?

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, it looks quite Beautiful from your picture....One wonders who comes up with these ideas....!

rashbre said...

Accidental Londoner Yep, too cool for school etc. A Nathan Barley moment.

Naomi Amazingly, when we ordered the second round of Jamaican-me-crazies, the guy who invented the drink came over to see us. He was most proud that he makes the special jam for them too.