Sunday, 14 July 2013

cycling with the replacement red cassette

Cayo pre work
I'll be on the road during the next week and today has seen me throwing things into a suitcase. It'll be in the Italian car, instead of the German one, on its first longer spin. A chance to exercise the sat nav.

The fixes to the bicycle seem to have worked. After yesterday's diagnostic spin, I took a longer ride today. I've fixed the brake alignment, which had drifted off during my other adjustments and today I noticed today the smoothness of the updates.

I'll admit that whilst I was replacing the chain, I made other changes. A new rear cassette (the slicker 'red' version) and a fresh updated rear mech and cable. I'd damaged the mech some time ago and although I'd 'adjusted' it, the chain replacement was an ideal time to do a swap. Then the new 'red' chain, which required me to count the links about six times. It seems to me that these drivechain changes are far more significant than any cosmetic handlebar selector changes.

Using the bike today, I wan't listening for creaks and groans from things needing adjustment. I'm certain it's more efficient now, maybe saving me 20 watts of power input. At least that's the sort of effect I noticed when I put it on the turbo.

And another 35 rather hot miles around the lanes. Time for a shower.

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