Monday, 3 June 2013

sun along the south bank

The blue sky and sunshine seems to be working here in London too. The grassed areas are beginning to fill up, although around this area it is the tourists taking the space at the moment, ahead of the office workers.

The South Bank also has its miniature beach re-instated, without any bathing huts this year. Instead there's a kind of neighbourhood exhibition along with some ecological looking structures that I haven't had time to investigate.

Although I did find time for a coffee alone the Thames, early enough to miss the crowds and before the power drills in the mysterious construction site under the bridge had started up for the day.
Waterloo Bridge


Nikki-ann said...

Is it me or does the wheel look like it's about to fall over?! :D

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann I know. I think Big Ben(sic) is upright in the middle of the picture, but the lens has created quite an interesting distortion. Either that or I have an accidentally newsworthy photograph.