Thursday, 13 June 2013

Norton One slows my Mac browser

Three Macs slowed down just after I installed Norton One.

An older Macbook (2009), a Macbook Air and an iMac. All were on latest OS X software.

After installing Norton One all three ran Safari noticeably slower. With one, I didn't even tell the regular user but received complaints.

The most powerful system was a 32Gb memory quad core i7-3.7.

I have now removed the whole Norton One suite from these Mac environments. They have all speeded up again.

Draw your own conclusions.

Here's a link to the uninstall page

Update: I called Norton.

They told me they had not heard of this slow running before.

They suggested maybe I should try removing the browser 'add-in' for Norton?

As a quick experiment, I reinstalled Norton on the fastest machine. I ensured the browser extension was removed. The browser ran faster, but of course it didn't then have the Norton capability.


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